Episodic glucose monitoring—3 to 5 days is not enough


Volume 11, Number 3, 2011

Optimal Sampling Intervals to Assess Long-Term Glycemic Control Using Continuous Glucose Monitoring Xing et al

Intermittent short-term use (3–5 days) of blinded continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology continues to be used for retrospective adjustments in treatment regimens for type 1 diabetes (T1D). However, the optimal duration and frequency of such monitoring to accurately reflect long-term glycemic control have not been assessed.

Data from two 6-month randomized clinical trials and 6-month extension studies evaluating the effectiveness of real-time CGM in 451 intensively treated patients with T1D suggest:

  • Longer monitoring periods of 12–15-days every 3 months are needed to obtain an accurate assessment of overall glucose control.
  • Shorter periods of sampling can be useful, but the correlation with 3-month measures of glycemic control is lower.

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